Top Six Things To Do For The Best Morning Every Morning

Want to have a fantastic morning every morning?  Even if you have kids?  Here are some of MY tips. 

  1. Everybody needs to go to bed early.  Every night.  Sleep is THE most important way to have a great morning.  When you’re tired, you are NOT at your best.
  2. Everyone needs to get up early!  There are tips all over the internet these days about why moms should get up before their kids.  The theory is that moms need to have a calm, quiet, relaxing start to their day.  Well here’s some shocking news SO DO YOUR KIDS!  Figure out what time your kids need to wake up in order to get completely ready (without rushing) and then wake them up thirty minutes earlier.  Start in fifteen minute increments until you reach your wake-up time.  Waking up earlier then you absolutely have to gives your whole family time to actually wake up.  There’s time for a little snuggle and a chat about the upcoming day.  There’s time to eat breakfast together.  They have time to ask you questions while they watch you do your hair or make-up.  They can help pack lunches.
  3. Make sure that your child did their homework right after their afternoon snack the day before!  Have everything signed and packed into their backpacks the night before.  Have a place that their backpacks “live” so there is no searching.
  4. Shoes and jackets/coats have a home too.  NO searching!
  5. Smile and kiss!!!  Smile at your children.  Smile at your spouse.  Kiss everyone goodbye!
  6. Let go of the “cute” outfits, matching clothes and shoes, tricky/fashionable hairstyles.  Your kids are going to school to learn, not a photo shoot.  Let it go…Let it go…….