Upworthy: Putting faces to our world

I don’t know about you but I like Upworthy.  They have some pretty amazing world view videos!  At least once a week I call my kids over to watch one.  I just watched one with my youngest two, boys ages 8 and 10.  It is a video from WNYC Radio called Being 12:  What are you?  It’s 12 year olds talking about racism in the US today…what it feels like…what it looks like.

My boys and I watched it together and then had a real conversation about white privilege.  We talked heart to heart about what it must feel like to be a child in one of the situations the kids in the piece talked about.

This experience is another reason why I’m so grateful that I started homeschooling.  My kids were being taught by their teachers that everyone should be the same.  The truth is that we are all different in so many important ways and we need to start celebrating that.