School Morning Routines

It’s BACK TO SCHOOL time again!  I keep hearing the same tips and they have made me stop and think this morning.

Top tip:  Set your child’s clothes out for them the night before.  Supposedly, children are not capable of choosing their own clothes in a quick and happy manner.

I ask WHY?  I have raised four children and I have never set out one outfit for any of them.  As toddlers, I began making them the one in charge of choosing their own clothes.  The other thing we do at our house is YOU GO AS YOU ARE.  When it’s time to leave, it’s time to leave.  If you are still in jammies, you wear them to school.  If you are without shoes or socks, you grab and go.  It works fantastic!  We don’t fight about what to wear, ever.  Not my circus; not my monkeys.