A Nation of Victims

I was lying in bed the other morning, reading the comments (I enjoy reading the crazy comments people leave on any given topic on the internet.) left on an internet post about gun ownership. This is not about gun ownership! As I read those comments, a light bulb went off in my head. I realized that we are a country of victims. Listen to the rhetoric going on around you. Not just on TV and online but in your group of close friends, at your church. Everyone is talking about protecting themselves, be it from criminals, the NRA, bad cops, druggies, home invasions, religious zealots, failure…you name it. We all have something. We are living scared even though we live in one of the safest times and places in the history of the world.

Realizing this made me ask why. Why are we so afraid? Why is there so much anxiety? We are bombarded with negative ideas from the outside and from our own selves every day. We have become a nation of victims!

I believe we are a nation of victims for a variety of reasons. One is the rhetoric we listen to from outside of ourselves. Fear is used to sell so many things from cars to guns. Politicians keep telling us we live in a terrible country and only they can help us get back to the “good old days” where we were safe and prosperous. We are bombarded with people telling us that our freedoms are being stolen from us at every turn.

We watch TV shows about things that seldom ever happen and we imagine that victim could be us or someone we love. We watch the same horrible news footage over and over again, reliving a tragedy and imagine ourselves in the shoes of those people. We even play games where we deliberately commit acts of violence for fun.  It gets in our heads.

As I sat there thinking, I remembered something Dr. Phil said many years ago when he first started his TV show. He was always talking about that voice in our heads. He would ask, “What do you say to yourself when no one else is there?” Do you tell yourself how hard things are? Are you telling yourself about the bad things that have or could have happened? Do you have anxiety about all of the things that could go wrong?

My solution?  Check out my post tomorrow.