A Nation Of Victims Part 2

We are a nation of victims and it’s time we took our country and our lives back!  I talked about how we got here.  Now it’s time to talk about how to get out.

The first thing we all have to do is to shut off the influx from the outside world. Yes, we all love a good drama but is it really good for us? When other people ask why I don’t allow my children to watch certain shows or movies, my response is always, “You can’t take it back out once you put it in.” Stop putting in the negativity. It really is that simple. Stop watching the dramas. Stop playing the violent games. Stop watching the horror in the world, be it real or fiction. I’m not suggesting that we live in our own special version of crazy town where we ignore everything bad. I’m just saying that, you don’t need to track a news story online for days. You don’t need to rewatch the footage from the latest bombing fifty times. Only listen to people that you know are telling you the truth. The more you listen to the extremism, the more real it feels.

Second, we have to stop the internal conversation. As Dr. Phil would tell people, we have to change the conversation we have with ourselves. We need to stop telling ourselves how bad things are and start telling ourselves how great our lives are. We need to start reminding ourselves how truly fortunate we are. That we are safe.

Last, we have to start reaching out in kindness to others. Study after study has shown that people are happier when they volunteer. Serve others less fortunate than yourselves. There are precious few or us that can’t look around and find someone that could use our help. Even if you are limited in your time and resources, you can offer a smile to someone passing by. You can pick up the trash in your area. You can offer a drink of water to your mail carrier. There is something each and every one of us can do to show kindness to someone else.

Being kind to people outside of our friends and family helps us in two ways. The first is that it brightens our lives. When we show kindness to others, we are reaching out. Usually, people reach back. It makes us feel included, appreciated, needed. We have a greater purpose than just ourselves. It is fulfilling. Second, we are brightening the lives of others. By making people feel loved, cared for, appreciated, we are building a sense of community. A sense of belonging, of hope for the future relieves anxiety and fear. When the people around us feel more positive, we do too. It keeps circling around and eventually, our neighborhood, town, city, state, even our country is a better place to live.

Guns, new laws, living off the grid….you fill in the blank, can’t make us safer. We need to not only be able to build a world that we can live in and feel safe and happy, but build ourselves up so that we can survive if something terrible were to happen to us or our loved ones.  Let’s stop being victims. Stand up and take ownership of our lives and work together to truly make this world a better place!