I am watching the new this morning and apparently there are incredibly long TSA lines.  People are angry.  People are getting so upset that some airports are allowing VOLUNTEERS to help with TSA screening.  TSA has promised that they are speeding up hiring and trying to get more people employed.

First:  TSA had a massive amount of their funding taken away by congress so they were forced to lay off hundreds.  NOW there aren’t enough people to handle the travel load.  Ya Think????

Second:  It is a long process to screen each applicant.  Rushing the process is insane.  Let’s think it through…

We have TSA so bad people won’t bring down anymore planes or bomb the airport.  Doesn’t it make sense to take our time and make sure the people that are hired to keep the BAD people out are safe?


Why do people in our country think everything should be easy for them?  Why can’t we just learn to wait? My husband and I have different perspectives on travel.  I get there at least two hours before my flight should begin boarding.  He arrives just in time to get through security and make his flight.  When he gets frustrated, I have little sympathy.  I just remind him that he is supposed to arrive at least two hours early.  If he chooses not to do that, then it is basically his fault if he doesn’t make it through security fast enough.

Another tip I’m offering up to travelers, try to book your first flight early in the morning.  I know that no one wants to get up extra early but passenger traffic increases as more flights begin going in and out of the airport.

To those that say, “I don’t want to sit at there airport for two hours waiting for my flight.  That’s a waste of my time,” I say, “Which is worse?  Standing in a long line with a bunch of grouchy, impatient people or sitting in a seat, sipping your favorite beverage?”