I saw the new Disney movie Frozen on Friday, and it lived up to everything I had heard about it. The animation was amazing, and the characters were well developed. This is an excellent family movie because the plot centers around familial love with a side of romance and adventure, instead of Disney’s recent typical romance/adventure-centric plot.

With two sisters who are very different -Elsa is shy, elegant, and reserved, while Anna is energetic, clumsy, and friendly- but who still love each other to the extent that they do, Frozen does a very good job of showing that siblings should be able to depend on each other despite their differences.

Younger kids will love the side characters, Sven the reindeer and Olaf the talking snowman, and will enjoy the surprise betrayal plot twist. Older kids and adults will probably notice some deeper things going on, such as the multiple reasons why Elsa would be upset when Anna finds her, how lonely both sisters really are, and how both princesses have an inner battle between selfishness and selflessness that they must fight with.

And of course, everyone will leave the theater with at least one of the amazing songs from the movie stuck in their head. I’ve been singing “Let it Go” and “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” for days. So be warned, Frozen is a very, very catchy musical.


What is horrible, addictive, tempting, and ultimately leads to more misery?


If you don’t know what spoilers are, well, let’s just say they’re evil. They’re little hints – or not-so-little hints – about what will happen next in a movie, TV show, book, etc.

And even if someone is “okay with” spoilers, you should not give them any because they aren’t. They just don’t know they aren’t. You never know what could be the thing that completely ruins the movie or episode or series for them. You never know which tidbit of information will be the highlight of their experience, and if you give it to them ahead of time, it robs them of that enjoyment.

Especially if they have to wait to see the thing and are desperate for any information at all. When that happens, people aren’t nearly as careful or selective as they usually are, and often end up ruining even more than they would usually allow themselves to have ruined.

5 Tips For College Preparations

When preparing for college, there are some things that are helpful to know.

One, if you fill out applications for scholarships and colleges early, you will be much much much happier. I waited (despite my mom nagging me constantly) and ended up feeling very stressed out.

Two, there are some things you simply can’t worry about until it’s time. For example, the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, can’t be filled out ahead of time, no matter what your guidance councilors tell you. But you do have to get it done quickly, so I recommend just doing all the tedious typing and information retrieval while recuperating on New Year’s Day, since you can’t submit the application  until January 1 anyway.

Three, during you senior year, keep in mind that you will need letters of recommendation. Make friends with your teachers and administrators if you can, and make a list of all the staff members at your school who would be wiling to write one for you. Get a recommendation letter from as many of them as you can, so you can choose the best ones to use for each scholarship or college application.

Four, (also on the topic of recommendation letters) you should proofread your letters before you send them to the company/organization/college. Sometimes a staff member – especially a guidance councilor or principle, who probably has twenty other letters they’re writing at the same time – will write the wrong thing, and you will need to correct them and ask for a corrected copy.

Five, visit the campus to any college you are considering. If you have friends there, stay in their dorm room with them if you can. It’s a great way to see as many aspects of college life at that particular school as possible, not just the glamorized, perfected image they present on official tours and brochures and stuff.