There is nothing – absolutely NOTHING – more frustrating than somone reading a book you are waiting to read…and constantly telling you how good the book is, rubbing your nose in the fact that you haven’t read it, but they have it.

Especially if it’s someone you don’t particularly like or get along with. Just saying.

Salt, Pepper, Butter…Honey?

At supper tonight, Andrew was preparing himself another helping of mashed potatoes (ick) and asked Dad to “pass the salt, peper, butter, and honey.” So he did. When Andrew got the stuff, he said, “Why did you pass me the honey? I’m making up my mashed potatoes!” “It’s what you asked for!” Mom replied. We all had to laugh at Andrew. He seriously (claimed) didn’t remember asking for the honey. Though maybe a little sticky, sugary goodness would improve the potatoes…I don’t like them one bit!

The Innocent Mage

I just got done with this great book called The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller, the first book in the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duet. It’s got everything: a rough, sarcastic protagonist, an up-and-down plot, a host of colorful and well-developed character, just a touch of magic… For those who love to read fantasy, The Innocent Mage is a must-read. I can’t wait to get the second book, which according to my local library is The Awakened Mage, and according to the Karen Miller site is Innocence Lost. There’s also a follow-up duet in the same world, called The Fisherman’s Children. Once I read Awakened Mage/Innocence Lost, I’ll probably track down copies of the Fisherman’s Children books.