How do I deal with tantrums?

I try not to throw them but if I feel one coming on I give myself a candy bar right away.  That seems to ward off the fit.  In all seriousness though, if your child is having frequent tantrums you need to sit down and watch the fit.  Maybe even keep a journal for a week.  Is he hungry?  Tired? Bored?  Frustrated?  In need of your attention?  Try to figure out what the trigger is.  Young kids are particularly susceptible to tantrums especially when they’re in one of the above situations.  Older kids throw them more to control you or someone else.  Once you figure out the trigger then you can stop the tantrums by heading them off at the pass so to speak.  Don’t take your kids out during their regular meal or sleep times.  Make activities interesting by challenging the child to help you find things or remember things or play word games to distract him/her.  Keep simple snacks and activities (like my busy boxes and busy bags) in a bag in your vehicle for those times when you just can’t avoid going out somewhere at a bad time.  Sometimes you are out of bread and have to stop at the store.  Keep it short and try some of distraction ideas to make it more fun.