Facebook, Yeah or Nay?

I like Facebook!  I like to see what people I haven’t seen in real life are up to these days.  I love seeing pictures of my nieces and nephews as they grow instead on once a year.  What I don’t like is all of the kids on there.  I know a pedophile on there personally.  My niece has chatted with strangers on there even though she knows she’s not supposed to and I know kids as young as 7 that are on there.  I just think it’s a bad idea.  Kids think they’re smart enough to avoid danger and their parent do too.  I know my kids are great.  Shoot!  They are totally awesome but an adult can be tricked so why set my kids up?  They’re brains don’t work the same way as an adult’s does.  They have plenty of games.  They don’t need to be on to play those.  They have plenty of friends at school.  If they don’t, you need to address that issue.

I think, one reason we aren’t getting enough exercise is because we have stopped getting out into the real world and engaging with real people.  We learn so much from one another in person.  We learn how to talk, be kind, read facial and body language, how to listen to the tone of someone’s voice and know how they are feeling.  We learn to laugh and cry in public.  We learn to share ourselves and the pain of others.  We need to feel the warmth of a friend or loved one’s arms around us when we cry; the touch of a hand when we’re sad.