I was sorting through the news online this morning and ran across this article.  I thought it was well written and think everyone, especially all of the people that are against Obamacare, to read it.  It is about the way insurance companies are now handling diabetics.

You see, until the horrible Obamacare forced them to cover and treat fairly, diabetics were rejected by insurance companies.  If they were given insurance, they were charged outrageous fees.  Now they aren’t allowed to do that.  So….insurance companies don’t want to loose money so they are starting programs targeting diabetics.  Read about some of them in the article.


My Concern With the Social Security Office Procedures

Today was a big day for my oldest son!  He got his learner’s permit!

The day started out interesting and just got more crazy.  That’s what I want to talk about, though.  I’m very proud of my son and his many accomplishments but this post is about calling on our government to truly protect children.

I misplaced his social security card and had to go over to the SS office to order a new one.  I brought his birth certificate, my ID and several other documents to prove I was his mother.  Then they told me that the document they needed was a signed and dated copy of his….vaccination record!!!!

Are you going, “WHAT???”  Like I was?  Well, that’s right.  They needed a copy of my son’s shot record to prove that he is still alive and is who he says he is.  Mind you, the boy has a birth certificate, a school photo id, a library card.  But they wanted a shot record that ends in 2009 and is recorded by people that have never seen any document that could in any way prove he is who I have said he is.  Also, the doctor’s office needs nothing more than basic info to get those records.

My point is not to beat up the Social Security office, they are just following whatever rules were set up for them.  The ladies there were super friendly and incredibly quick.  The office was clean, quiet and pleasant.

My point is that, with so many children having their identities stolen, it should be WAY harder to get a copy of their Social Security cards and numbers!  I was even able to get a document immediately with his info on it to use until the actual card arrives in the mail (I gave them the address to send it to.).  They didn’t even need to see his birth certificate.  The lady explained to me that she didn’t need to see it because they only use birth certificates to get the first one.

What I’m saying is, we are using none secure documents to procure secure documents in order to obtain even more secure/official documents.  Doesn’t that make the secure/official documents poor proofs for our identity?

Killing Teens

I have seen so many different stories of teenage boys being shot to death by scared police.  It isn’t just teens though.  There was the college football player trying to get help after an accident that gave him a head injury.  The mentally ill man that simply stood in front of two police officers with a knife in his hand.  He said he wanted to die.

I think we need to ask ourselves what we can do as communities to stop or prevent these shootings.  Seeing all of this makes me afraid for my kids to go out into the community without me.  My teenage son wears a black hoodie a lot.  He also listens to music thru earbuds, so it is hard for him to hear someone talking to him.  I worry that he would be stopped by a cop on the street and not even hear them talking to him.

I watched the footage of a man on a bike stopped by police in a nearby city.  He wasn’t treated respectfully until they found out he actually worked for the same city they did.

I’m not saying that some of these people didn’t do something wrong.  I’m saying that our country is on such high alert that we no longer think before we act out in fear.  That scares me.

I often sub in our city’s high school and I have never been afraid for my safety.  The kids are mostly nice.  Sometimes I get one of two that think they’re all that or are looking for a fight but they are never violent or aggressive in my presence.  I’m not saying that I’ve never had one be mouthy or obstinate.  They are teenagers.  But I have never been afraid of any of them and I have worked with some of the kids that have anger issues and behavior problems.  I think we need to go back to seeing people as people.  When we have love, compassion and understanding, it goes a long way to diffusing a problem.  My advice to everyone is two fold:  Stop and think before acting and get out there and serve the least of them.  Want to curb violence?  Serve in your community…especially the schools.  People with hope are less likely to commit crimes.

Killing Kennedy

It’s Topic Tuesday! 

The 50th anniversary of the murder of JFK is coming fast and everyone is talking about it.  That made me think that there are some of you out there that might be interested in learning more about it.

I love reading…especially about history and real people.  So I got the book Killing Kennedy by Bill O’Reilly.  Disclaimer:  I honestly don’t like Bill O’Reilly so I was not ever planning to read anything that he wrote.  Then I saw an interview with him when his newest book, Killing Jesus, came out and he promised his books were nothing but facts.  That intrigued me.  Could Bill O’Reilly actually stick with the facts?  No interjecting his religious and political views?  I wanted to see (or read) that.  Sadly, our public library didn’t have a copy of it yet.

Sidebar:  The Henderson Public Library is staffed by many amazing people.  Talk to any of them and they will do everything they can to help you find or get what you’re looking for!  I wanted Killing Jesus so I asked one of the ladies and she helped me look for it.  When we were searching, she told me about the Killing Kennedy book.  She loved it and suggested I read it while I waited.  And THAT is how I ended up reading a book about Kennedy, a man I have never thought highly of.

Guess what?  I loved it!  Killing Kennedy was fantastic.  It was very factual and well backed up.  I even watched a PBS presentation of Kennedy’s murder to see how they lined up.  The thing is that O’Reilly and Martin Dugard did a wonderful job of telling the reader about the actual people involved.  I was often left nauseous by the honest details of JFK’s adulterous lifestyle.  I was angered by the way he treated his wife with so much disrespect.  Very little of it was truly new to me but I had no idea the extent for his affairs.  I have often heard that, had he not been murdered when he was, Kennedy would have brought down his own presidency.  Instead Johnson was left to clean things up.  But, don’t let me get started on him!

In the end, I’m glad that I read it.  O’Reilly was true to his word and it honestly is a great read.  Lots of history and real life in it.  I suggest everyone read it (over 14 years old, of course)!  You might even want to buy your own copy.  I’m telling you there is a lot in there.

US Government Shutdown

This may seem like I’m oversimplifying this thing but here’s my solution.

Separate each issue.  No more combo deals.  No more, “If I agree to this then you have to agree to that.”

1.) Sit down and agree on raising the debt ceiling.  That one is a no brainer.  Do it so that the issue won’t have to come up again for 3 years.  Done!

2.) Now, the next thing is reopening the government.  Put everyone back to work and PAY them.  No back pay.  Sorry but we need to stop paying people for work they didn’t do.  Just agree to put people back to work.  Done!

3.) Everyone agrees that Social Security is either going to work or its going to be stopped.  If it is going to work then there needs to be a team that sits down and decides how to fund it, age it kicks in, etc.  When that team comes to a decision, EVERYONE ELSE AGREES.  Period.  Let’s be honest, everyone is not going to agree to everything.  That’s why we have representatives that run our government.  If it was possible to get 300 people to agree on something without any issues then Evansville wouldn’t have the problems that they do.  Let congress choose people from their own sides to represent them and then agree that whatever agreement the team comes up with is going to pass.